The care and training of your child a great privilege and responsibility. We understand that God has given parents primary authority and responsibility in training up their child in the ways of the Lord. When you enroll your child at Little Gators you are delegating God-given authority to our teachers and staff.  We like to think that we are an extension of your home and that we act in support of your child’s Godly training.






   Our primary goal is to help in the development of the whole child. Of utmost importance is spiritual development. We aim to plant and nurture spiritual seed in each child.

We provide a secure environment in which children are continually surrounded by an atmosphere of loving acceptance, respect and appreciation for himself, others and God’s world.



Litle Gators Learning Center is affiliated with Victory Christian Academy (VCA). We share facilities, staff, and philosophies. Both Little Gators and VCA are ministries of Victory Fellowship. Victory Fellowship began in 1979 on Transcontinental. It later moved to W. Napoleon before moving to its current location. Victory Academy began in 1984, providing classes to students in K-6. In subsequent years, preschool and Middle School were added.


We understand that raising a family in this economy is difficult.  As such, it is important to us that tuition remains affordable.  For children ages 1-3, the monthly cost is 435$.  For infants, it is 450$.  We also make a very affordable lunch available for you to purchase.  We do our best to keep the costs to families as low as possible.


"Little children, you are of God and have defeated and overcome them, because He who lives in you is greater than he who is in the world. 1 John 4:4"